The Miracle on the Mat

My freshman year I took a basic introductory course on radio broadcasting. For the final project, along with a friend of mine, I created a short radio documentary called “The Miracle on the Mat.”

My partner narrated the beginning and end with the whole middle portion being audio from the TV broadcast. Overall, the project was fun to work on, but the final result was not on-air ready. However, it did improve my radio skills and at the lowest level it helped me understand how to edit and mix audio better.

Normally, this project would have stayed hidden, but a chance encounter at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games changed that. One night, while attending a short track speed-skating event, I had the opportunity to meet Aleksandr Karelin Aleksandr Karelin – the antagonist of “The Miracle on the Mat”. It was a surreal experience meeting him because the only reason I recognized him was because of the project I did two years ago. It brought the project full circle and reminded me that even a freshman year project could still have significance.

Listen to “The Miracle on the Mat” below: